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Wrap'n Up a Cure helping assist the families of FINE young men, women and children who are fighting cancer...
© 2011 Wrap'n Up a Cure
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, it became apparent to Shelia Bownds she was given an opportunity to assist other cancer patients and their families in meeting some of their financial needs incurred while undergoing treatment. Shelia realized that many people just are not able to stay and support their loved ones during their treatments due to the expense of lodging and meals. As a result, Shelia, Chelsea Couch and a group of loyal and dedicated friends came together to form what is known today as Wrap'n Up a Cure.

Formerly known as Run for the Cure, Wrap'n Up a Cure is a barrel race event held in Andrews, Texas the last weekend of February. The race is for the benefit of young men, women and children who are fighting cancer. In February 2010 the first Run for the Cure took place. It began with zero money; however, when the event actually took place, 4 saddles and $2,500 was added to the 4D Open! The 1st annual Run for the Cure was a huge success because of amazing people who were willing to donate their time and money to ensure that this event was just the first of many more to come. By the close of the event, after the barrel race and the dog race, $5,600 was raised to assist the families of those undergoing treatment for cancer!

The 2nd Annual Run for the Cure took place in February 2011. As in 2010, this event again attracted some generous supporters. 4 saddles were donated and $4,000 was added to the 4D Open! Once again, the event included dog races, a silent auction, a live auction and a barrel race with both youth and open classes. Saturday's Opening Ceremonies were extremely emotional as the 2010 event was to honor the memory of those that have lost their fight to cancer. The Ceremonies included a riderless horse spotlighted walk around the arena, a presentation of the American Flag and the National Anthem. Thank you to Mary Carter for making the highest bid to purchase the barrels used in the event! The 2nd Annual Run for the Cure event raised $10,000 to continue the tradition of assistance to those battling cancer!

The 3rd Annual Run for the Cure Event came with a name and theme color change! A contest was held to rename the event and Natha Jo Arnold's suggestion was selected! Julie Shirley donated the prize received by the contest winner.
The new event name:
Wrap'n Up a Cure
With the changing of the name a theme color change also took place. The theme color changed from pink to lavender which signifies those suffering from ALL types of cancer. Thank you to Falon Forbes for bidding on and purchasing the barrels from the 2011 event! After two successful events, it became apparent that the organization could help anyone with any type of cancer, and thusly, support is portrayed with these changes.

In 2012, the 4th annual race,
Wrap'n Up a Cure, took place in Andrews, Texas. $13,000 was raised in 2012, which at that time was an all-time high. As preparations were made for the race in 2013, the organizers continued to seek guidance from God and the path that He would have them take. Through His grace, Wrap'n Up a Cure has been able to bless more families than we ever thought possible. Wrap'n Up a Cure made history in 2012 by hosting the WPRA and Permit Card Holder ONLY races. Following suit of Finals held in Lincoln, NE, we are the only barrel race to have done these specific races. We want to thank the WPRA Texas Director Savannah Reeves for helping us with the process and the added money for this race. The added money came from Super8 Motel and RAM Truck.

And of course, to my crew--many thanks for all you do.

WPRA Approved

An unforgettable race...
Diesel... $100.00
Fees... $100.00
Stall... $50.00
RV... $50.00
Making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer....

From far and wide, we thank you for gathering to make this event such a huge success!
To the sponsors and our barrel racers -

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it ALL!"